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This is a project that carries out the third year of the Erasmus+ project KA229 entitled “Art & Literature in Education’s Nature! Is it an A.L.I.E.N?” The project involves students of five partner schools from Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia, Turkey. The main themes are Art and Literature and it focuses on the impact that the approach to Art and Literature can have on the development of students’ skills, creativity and teaching innovation. As every country’s national heritage contains art and literature, getting acquainted with both, students will also learn about every country’s historical context which leads to the knowledge not only of wider cultural context of each country but also intercultural interface. It also gives students the opportunity to stay in touch and work collaboratively in order to share emotions and feelings with peers during this hard period of pandemics. Throughout the school year, students from the different schools will work together waiting for the meetings on-site while the partner teachers will share ideas and plan outcomes. The TwinSpace will be the common classroom. Here the project steps will be uploaded, and this platform will also be used to disseminate the project results.

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