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Έγινε με το Padlet
  • Each country decided on a book (a piece of national literature in English), suitable for a 14-15 year old students to read and work on and then presented their book on the shared Virtual Library Padlet.

Productions with emphasis on Literature

A mag created with Madmagz.

A mag created with Madmagz.

  • Numerous literature events were held at all schools whereas online meetings and a great number of Twinreading activities were organized throughout the 3 eTwinning Projects.

Έγινε με το Padlet

Έγινε με το Padlet

Έγινε με το Padlet

During the 1st LTTA in Turkey a long collaborative poem was created by students of all the six countries,

getting inspiration by our Ebru Art paintings!

During the 5th LTTA in Vilnius mixed international groups of students created stories  based on the books they read.

Click on the picture below and follow the lines!

A video created by the Italian students presenting the adventures of Pinnochio, the hero of the Italian book.

Greek students present the two aspects of the myth of Helen – Homer’s Helen & Euripides’ Helen

“The Crazy Story of Euripides’ Helen and the Frankopans”

A collaborative story made by Greek and Croatian students who got inspired by the books they read.

Croatian students reflecting on the Lithuanian book

Lithuanian students get creative after studing the Croatian books.