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ART in six countries gets MIXED!

Students from each country were invited to contribute to a TwinPage and 6 subpages loading emblematic paintings or works of Art from their country on Twinboards. They were invited to give a picture, the name of the creator, the year of creation and the Gallery the artefact is hosted at. When all Twinboards were finished, everyone was invited to visit partners’ subpages and vote via Twinpolls for the artefact he/she liked the most.

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This way we came up with 4 pieces of art from each country, so as to design a Mixer Poster and/or go on printing and disseminating the material! This way we created mini Art Galleries at our schools! 

“Our school walls + Erasmus = an Art Gallery!”

Creating Ebru Art paintings!

During the 1st LTTA in Turkey students attended a workshop on Ebru Art painting

and created their collaborative pieces of art!

Creating two Artbooks!

In Thessaloniki during the 3rd LTTA of our project we visited the MOMus Museum of Contemporary Art.

Students from all the five countries attended a workshop which was created specifically for them based on the books they were reading for our A.Li.E.N. Literature part. The tangible product was the creation of two ArtBooks!

This is how they were created!

Creating Book Covers

Έγινε με το Padlet

Έγινε με το Padlet

Έγινε με το Padlet

Creating Posters

Getting artistic while celebrating the European Day of Languages 2022.

Greek students expressed thoughts and feelings by creating a collaborative puzzle-poster

Getting artistic while celebrating the grand opening of the Erasmus Art Gallery in Gymnasio Mygdonias, Greece.